• MITRE10 Stores – Not all lines – Visit your local Mitre 10 store; can order in if not ranged in store. Visit MITRE10 website to locate your nearest store
  •  QLD  Distributors – SALES FORCE NATIONAL QLD – Ph. 07 – 3860 5535

Sales Force Qld distributes Manutec products to both Bunnings stores and independent nurseries and garden centers in Qld. Please contact your local Bunnings stores, garden center or nursery for Manutec range.

  • QLD Subdistributors – Botanica Garden Products Pty Ltd -Waclo – Ph. (07) 3271 5203

For any difficulties in finding local stockists of Manutec products, please contact above QLD distributors to help you finding nearest outlet and servicing your requirements.